I Want More

LORD God (Yahweh Elohim), I want more of You.  More of who You are.  More of what you offer.  More of You.  Please remove the obstacles to my becoming more like You.  Help me to identify the issues in my life and deal with them as You would have me.  Show me Your path and [...]


Is Worry Ever Good?

I would have to answer with an emphatic, "No!".  Worry is a sin.  I am learning that worry is an indicator that I need to get on my knees before God and ask for His help. I haven't learned how to stop worry, but I'm thankful that God is teaching me how to pray.  Prayer [...]

Rug Burns

I don't know where the term "rug burns" actually originated, but I like to think my friend and I came up with it.  🙂  As we walked some difficult paths together, God frequently brought us to our knees.  Not literally mind you (I don't tend to last long kneeling - I'm 41 after all).  However, [...]