Vision Correction

Since I was 25, I needed to wear vision correction.  My issue has been with distance vision.  The farther away something gets, the more blurry it looks to me. Glasses are a good illustration for how we see in life. If we don't have the proper vision correction we won't see clearly.  The only way [...]


What Does God Want?

I like the theme of this verse - the basics of how we need to live. Is this easy? Not for messy, flawed human beings; we tend to complicate things.  However, God is ever faithful - perfectly faithful. As we go to Him, He will make this kind of life possible. Just. Keep. Praying.

Rug Burns

I don't know where the term "rug burns" actually originated, but I like to think my friend and I came up with it.  🙂  As we walked some difficult paths together, God frequently brought us to our knees.  Not literally mind you (I don't tend to last long kneeling - I'm 41 after all).  However, [...]