I enjoy many things about Christmas: the decorations, music, family get-togethers.  Christmas can produce many wonderful memories.  However, none of those special times mean much without Jesus Christ being the center of our lives.  

Christ is worthy of that central position.  He bought us with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20; 7:23). Too often we rebel at the thought of being owned by God.   Oh, friend, being owned by God, Who paid with His only Son’s life, is worth everything.

So this during Christmas season, don’t forget to keep Christ at the center of your celebration.  He is worthy and He is worth it.


An Ordinary Sunset

After the brilliant sunsets I have recently seen, I find myself watching for more.  Tonight the colors were more muted, not as bold.  

I find that life has more of those ordinary moments.  We have exciting times on occasion, but not necessarily often.  I have to admit, I tend to prefer the exciting times.  However, God frequently works through ordinary circumstances to bring about extra-ordinary results.  Life is all about Him anyway.

So the next time you feel bogged down with the ordinary, remember that God is working out the extra-ordinary.

Happy Thanksgiving

Psalm 34:8 seems fitting for the day we feast on a big meal with family and friends.  I spent a part of today catching up with family over a delicious meal.

The best gathering are ones where people talk about the goodness of God.  I am blessed to have family that involves God in their lives.  Today I tasted God’s goodness.

Praise His name!

Beauty and the Mundane

Anyone who has seen my Instragram and Facebook accounts knows how much I love sunset pictures.  Tonight brought a beautiful sunset, but I wasn’t able to get pictures at my favorite spot.  I wanted to catch some of the beautiful color so I decided to take pictures near my home.  

I love the life lessons God sends my way through my enjoyment of photography and less than ideal settings.  Life has beautiful moments.  I often wish for more beauty, but the mundane fills more of life.  I am learning that there can be beauty along with the mundane.  The houses in my neighborhood are fairly ordinary.  However, when the sun is setting the ordinary houses shine.  God’s beauty is never far away.

The Hair is Always Prettier on the Other Girl’s Head

I want to start by saying that this is no more true than, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”  But like the saying about the grass it is a thought we believe. 

I came up with this saying after hearing jealous statements about my “naturally curly” hair.  I have to admit when all the right factors fall into place, I like the curls.  However, it usually takes more work than some think.  My usual weekday morning routine includes brushing my hair into a ponytail – the easiest option.  Some days it is the only option.  Naturally curly hair does NOT guarantee pretty curls.  I do not wake up with pretty hair (I mean seriously?).  It takes effort to make my thick mop presentable.  

I believe we have mixed up thinking inside our heads about what grows on the outside of our heads.  So before you think that someone else has better hair (or a better life), remember that the hair is NOT really prettier on the other girls head.  God gave you the hair (life) He knows you should have.  God never makes mistakes.