The First Snow of the Season

Yesterday we had the first snow of the season.  For those of us who do not like wintery weather there is some trepidation.  However, despite my dislike of the cold I enjoy the beauty of snow.  God is so creative to think up a different design for every snowflake.  I enjoyed the beautiful designs that [...]


Encouragement for Today

This picture was taken by friends of mine on their trip to Colorado this past summer.  A desert picture for a Bible verse about the desert times in our lives.  I am thankful that God sustains us through those difficult times.  

Sunset Obsession

I thoroughly enjoyed taking sunset and cloud pictures this summer.  God has blessed me with some amazing shots.  My favorite evening was this one - the sun rays were fabulous.   Clouds and sunsets show the beauty and creativeness of God.  He is a phenomenal artist and He wants to share it with us!  God is [...]

Light For Dark Days

We have seen many difficulties in recent days.  Situations such as the shooting in Las Vegas last week, nuclear threats, religious persecution, health struggles and let's face it - our own selfishness can take us down a path of darkness.  However, there is a light that shines bright when we choose to see.  The light [...]