Have you ever worried?  I certainly have. I love this picture.  Pretty flowers with a beautiful, blue sky background.  However, life is not always this pretty.  Sometimes it is downright ugly.  There is much trouble.  But worrying about the trouble (especially tomorrow's trouble) doesn't help me.  In fact, it can be a great hindrance to [...]

Holding On or Letting Go

Holding On:  Many times we find ourselves holding on to what we want.  Our dreams, hopes, aspirations. Letting Go:  Sometimes God gives us what we desire, but sometimes He has other plans for us.  I have prayed that God would replace my desires with His (Psalm 37:4). Sometimes I struggle telling the difference between what [...]


Thunderstorms Tonight I got to hear one of my favorite sounds.  A thunderstorm.  This is highly unusual for Minnesota in March.  We are more likely to get a snowstorm (which we did - a week ago this past Friday - over 12 inches overnight - but enough of that.)  Today God gave us a warmer [...]