My finite human mind is like a single grain of sand compared to all of the sand in the beaches and deserts of the world.  I'm glad that God is still interested in me. (Picture is the beach in Homer, AK)


To my single friends (married friends – please read this too)

I have concern for my single friends.  Singleness can be challenging.  We can be lonely.  We can have God given desires for marriage and a family.  However, to act on those desires without allowing God to guide our hearts is a disaster in the making. First, our hearts are not a good guide.   Jeremiah 17:9 [...]

Rug Burns

I don't know where the term "rug burns" actually originated, but I like to think my friend and I came up with it.  🙂  As we walked some difficult paths together, God frequently brought us to our knees.  Not literally mind you (I don't tend to last long kneeling - I'm 41 after all).  However, [...]