Psalm 46:10 – At the Beach

I took these pictures at the beach in Homer, AK (July 2015).  They were taken as the tide was coming back in.  I find watching the water very peaceful. Being still is not easy, but God's way is worth the effort.


Sometimes Waiting Comes to an End

I posted last week about how God was asking me to wait regarding my job.  My heart was a bit heavy - I had hopes that I would be given a job offer, but those hopes seemed dashed.  Today God gave a boost to my weak faith.  15 minutes before the end of my work [...]


I don't know about you, but I'm not good at waiting.  I have heard that not many people are good at waiting (if you know of someone who is - please let me know.  I want to meet them).  Every time I think I'm improving, God shows me something that I have to wait longer [...]