Thankfulness Challenge – Day 5

No thankfulness challenge could be complete without telling the story of my house from September, 2005. This story is one of my favorites to tell.  God gave me a house.  Don't misunderstand; I have a mortgage - so technically I am paying for it.  But there is no way I could be in this situation [...]


Thankfulness Challenge – Day 4

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for work.  This is an area where I have struggled. I was fired from one job (under shady circumstances), laid off twice due to budget cuts, and walked away from two jobs due to high stress.  My jobs have given me the usual ups and downs that we all [...]

John 3:30

This picture shows a chalkboard in my living room. I know John 3:30 doesn't really say that.  At least not in any formal translation.  This is how my brain works.  I figure the more God increases and the more I decrease, then I should just disappear.  I need to allow God to take over every [...]